Getting to know Alysha Price of The Price Dynamic

Getting to know Alysha Price of The Price Dynamic

Alysha Price is the CEO & Founder of The Price Dynamic and the nonprofit, Dynamic Family Solutions. To streamline her business processes and save time, Alysha chose We Sparkle as her technology partner.

Why We Sparkle?

“I love that We Sparkle is owned by a woman of color, and that they are focused on helping small business owners who might not otherwise be connected to support and resources. They make their tools really easy to use, especially for those of us that are less tech-savvy!"

How We Sparkle Differs from Other Systems

"Many of the families I work with do not have or use a desktop computer. So a solution that allows them to send a text message to schedule an appointment is so much more accessible. The reminders they get for appointments also make life easier for the clients - and me!"

We Sparkle's emphasis on accessibility and simplicity sets it apart from other systems Alysha has used. The platform's text message-based scheduling feature addresses the unique needs of her clientele, making it easier for them to engage with her services. “We Sparkle's team has been so responsive in customizing solutions for my clients and business!”

We Sparkle's Rate to Donate program, which automatically encourages reviews after each meeting, has also helped Alysha gather important feedback from her clients, so she can serve them in the best way possible, and build success for both of her companies.

How We Sparkle Supports Business Growth:

"The tools We Sparkle provides help me spend less time on administrative tasks like scheduling and follow-up communication, and allows me to be more focused on my big picture goals. Plus, the We Sparkle team is phenomenal! As new needs have come up for my business and customers, they are so responsive! We have worked together to think through and customize solutions. Being an entrepreneur and founder can feel isolating, but with We Sparkle I feel so supported."

The collaboration between The Price Dynamic and We Sparkle has demonstrated the power of technology and community support in fostering growth and success for small businesses with a meaningful mission. By leveraging We Sparkle's capabilities, Alysha has effectively supported families in navigating co-parenting challenges while moving closer to achieving her long-term goals for the betterment of her community.

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